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Mickytel is a retail and wholesale VoIP service provider with global presence.
 Headquartered in Singapore, Mickytel reaches to customers living in different parts of the world. The company offers quality VoIP services at amazing prices which helps customers around the world to make cheaper long distance phone calls using internet as the medium . Mickytel promises best network quality as it has collaborated with renowned carriers like Bharti in India, SingTel in Singapore and many other reputed international carrier. Backed by the team of hard working R&D professionals, Mickytel has emerged ahead of other providers present in the VoIP industry. Following are the four strong pillars of Mickytel



DISPLAY  =  10 $

India All Mob including BSNL = 1250,
India Land = 1000 Mints,
Pakisthan   = 130 Mints,
Bangladesh = 600  Mints,
Nepal      =

Nimbuzz example

User Name : A3062@sip.mickytel.com

Password : 123123

Proxy : sip.mickytel.com

Fring example

User Name : A3062

Password : 123123

Proxy : sip.mickytel.com



  1. i want e-mail to contact

  2. fazrul rehman

    how much price mickytel

  3. Shakeer

    pls give me the number of yambu salesman to contact sent me mikytel 100 dollar reseller

  4. ak

    i can give you mickytel i am in yanbu 0553275980

  5. Danish

    Pls, tell mickytel “operator code”

    • Dear,
      Customer mickytel operator code

      brand code : 42214

  6. yusuf masuoodi

    i want a riseller id

    • Dear , please contact: +966 559283310

  7. prabha

    how can install in android phone (samsung note 2)

    • Dear , please go .. googal play Explore more Android apps

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